Shared Equipment Music Video
Germs Walking Video

Shared Equipment Germ Video

This video won an APIC award for People‚Äôs Choice BEST video. The video is a humorous take on “These Boots are Made for Walking” and illustrates the importance of cleaning shared equipment.

Scrubbing, Gowning, and Gloving

Scrubbing, Gowning, Gloving Video

A humorous video to illustrate the importance of scrubbing, gowning, and gloving properly for healthcare workers. Each segment is a separate video.

Monster Kids Video

Monster Kids Video

Monster Kids is a satirical video on healthcare standards.

Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and Neglect Video Series

This series of five videos outlines the signs and symptoms healthcare professionals should look for when determining domestic, elderly, and child abuse within their patient population.

Pharmacy New Employee Orientation

Pharmacy New Employee Orientation

This video is used in all Pharmacy new employee orientations.

Pediatric Central IV

Pediatric Central IV Demonstration

This series of videos demonstrates the proper way to change dressing and caps for central IV lines in pediatric patients.

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